Why is 7.4 Volt heated socks much better than 3.7 Volt heated socks?

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In severe cold winter, many people in Canada, Iceland or Finland are frostbitten every year. These countries are often hit by snowstorms in winter. It is very important for them to prevent frostbite. So before the cold winter, more and more people choose to buy heating wear in winter, such as electric heated socks. When we want to buy a heated socks, you will find that there are two different volt heated socks on the market, one is 3.7 Volt, the other is 7.4 Volt. Do you know how to choose?

First of all, Let’s compare the prices.

7.4V heated socks are more expensive than 3.7V heated socks because of higher cost for producing 7.4V batteries.

The reason is quite simple as the 3.7V battery is a single battery and 7.4V is a series circuit battery.

Second, Battery capacity comparison.

If both batteries are 2200mAh
Real capacity of 3.7 Volt battery: 3.7 * 2200 = 8140wh
Real capacity of 7.4 Volt battery: 7.4 * 2200 = 16280wh
As from results, we can see that the real capacity of one 7.4V battery is equal to two 3.7V batteries.
(W=watt, H=hour, V=volt)

Therefore, 7.4V battery heated products heating time will last longer than the 3.7V battery ones, while the temperature will be more stable.

It is same case to heated cap and heated gloves so the 7.4V battery is the key to keep warm.

Maybe you will also find that there are 12 Volt rechargeable battery heated socks on the market.
In fact, the 12 Volt battery is the best for heated product with longer working time and higher temperature.
But the price is very high and the battery is heavy, so I recommend the 7.4 Volt battery for electric heated socks and gloves.
It can achieve a good balance between price and quality.

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